I can’t turn the handle to get cold water only in the shower – are single handles like these adjustable?

Here are some general steps to adjust a single-handle shower valve:

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1. Turn off the water supply: Shut off the water supply to the shower valve by turning off the main water valve in your home or at the local valve for that fixture.

2. Remove the handle: Locate the set screw that holds the handle onto the valve stem and use a screwdriver or hex wrench to remove it. Then, gently pull the handle away from the valve.

3. Adjust the temperature limit stop: Most single-handle shower valves have a temperature limit stop that controls how far the handle can rotate in each plumbing direction. The limit stop ensures that the water temperature is within safe limits. Adjusting the temperature limit stop will allow more cold water to flow through the valve. To do this, rotate the plastic tabs on the valve to adjust them to increase or decrease the temperature limit stop.

 4. Clean the Cartridge: If adjusting the temperature limit stop doesn’t work, the cartridge may be clogged or damaged. Use a wrench to remove the cartridge and use a clean rag or brush to remove any debris buildup or mineral deposits.

5. Replace the Cartridge: If cleaning the cartridge does not fix the issue, then you may need to replace it altogether. Purchase a matching replacement cartridge and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation.

6. Reassemble the faucet: Once you’ve made the necessary adjustments or replaced the cartridge, reassemble the faucet by reversing the steps mentioned above.

7. Turn on the water supply: Turn on the water supply and test the shower valve to ensure proper operation.

In summary, if you experience any of the issues mentioned plumbing above, and these methods do not work or you are uncomfortable with attempting them yourself, it’s best to call a plumber for professional help.

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