Pet Owner Plumbing Tips

Here are some pet owner plumbing tips that may be helpful for you:

1. Avoid flushing pet waste down the toilet: Flushing pet waste, including litter, down the toilet, can clog your pipes and affect the wastewater treatment process.

2. Check for leaks: Keep an eye out for any leaks near your pets’ water bowls or drinking fountains, which can damage the flooring and walls.

3. Use drain screens: Place drain screens over sinks, tubs or shower drains to prevent fur, hair, toys and other debris from clogging the drain.

4. Keep the bathtub and grooming area clean: After pet baths or grooming sessions, be sure to rinse away any loose fur, hair, or debris to avoid clogs in the drain.

5. Be mindful of what your pets consume: Avoid letting your pets consume items that may cause blockages in the plumbing, such as bones, food wrappers, or other non-food items.

6. Clean the pipes regularly: Regular cleaning of pipes with a snake or high-pressure water jet can prevent pet hair, dander and other particles from clogging the drains.

7. Keep chemicals away from pets: Store drain cleaning agents and other chemicals securely, out of reach of pets who may ingest them and become sick.

By maintaining your plumbing system and being aware of potential hazards from your pets, you can keep your home safe and functional, and enjoy time with your pets without worrying about plumbing-related issues.

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