Misconceptions about Drain Cleaning

About Drain Cleaning?

There are a number of misconceptions about drain cleaning, which can lead to poor maintenance of these essential systems. Here are 5 some common misconceptions:

1. Chemical drain cleaners are harmless: Many people think that chemical drain cleaners are safe and effective, but in reality, they can cause serious damage to pipes and fixtures over time. Chemicals can eat away at the lining of the pipes, leading to pipe corrosion.

2. Drain cleaning is not necessary: Some people believe that as long as drains aren’t clogged, no maintenance is needed. However, drains should be cleaned regularly; buildup due to regular use, like oils, grease and fats can accumulate on the walls of the pipes and cause issues in the future.

3. All plumbing problems can be solved with DIY hacks: While DIY hacks may help alleviate minor clogs, deeper blockages or damage require professional care.

4. Hydro jetting isn’t necessary: Some people believe that snaking a drain is sufficient for all cleanings, whereas it’s not the case. Hydro jetting can be more effective and thorough in removing blockages and other debris within the pipes.

5. Clogs will take care of themselves: Many people assume that if they wait long enough, a clogged drain will clear up on its own. However, waiting could result in more damage and lead to an expensive repair.

By clearing up these misconceptions about drain cleaning, homeowners can better protect their plumbing systems and avoid major expenses down the road. It’s important to have a regular drain cleaning schedule in place and consult with a professional plumber for any issues beyond basic clogs.

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